Beats Solo Skin - Gold Marble


Easily customize your beloved Beats solo headphones with a beats solo 2 / 3 wireless skin from wicked cushions.

Our beautiful Gold Marble print is now compatible with Beats solo 2 and 3 wireless.

Combine protection & looks with this popping gold marble beats solo skin.

Wicked Cushions is the only company to create matching ear pads and skins for full customization ability of your beloved headphones! Add our beats solo gold marble ear pads to your purchase and go for the complete look!

  • Package contains 1 Gold Marble Beats solo 2 / 3 Wireless skin
  • Easily installed and removed without any stains!
  • Protects your headset from scuffs and scratches.
  • FULL 365 day unlimited warranty!

Compatibility Chart:

Model Name Model Number

Beats Solo 2 Wireless


Beats Solo 3 Wireless


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