SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, Black (783342-0100)


Every detail of SoundLink Micro from the custom-designed transducer to the silicone passive radiators is meant to reproduce sound that’s better than any speaker of its size. Wherever you’re headed, SoundLink Micro is designed to tag along. Strap it to your bike, your backpack, your cool box. The tear-resistant strap is super reliable, so you know it’ll hold just as tight whether it’s the first time or the thousandth. The speaker is built to survive a fall in the pool or in the ocean. There’s no need to panic if you drop it. Just pull it out and hit play. Accidents happen. But that doesn’t mean you should be left with a broken speaker when they do. That’s why silicone rubber is chosen for SoundLink Micro’s exterior. This high quality material allowed us to eliminate as many seams and gaps as possible (and it holds up to dents, scratches and cracks). It’s portable performance for all the places you want to be.

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