Beats Solo Earpads - B&W Pack




1. Pair of black Beats solo replacement earpads.

2. Pair of white Beats solo replacement ear pads


✔️ EASIER TO INSTALL THAN ANY OTHERS: We created a step-by-step video guide and instruction manual to ensure a wicked-fast, tool-free installation with your Beats Solo Earpads. You’ll also receive industrial-grade adhesive that will form a secure, long-lasting bond (Wicked Cushions beats solo ear pads never fall off after a few uses).

✔️"SHOCKED AT HOW AMAZING THEY LOOK AND HOW EASY IT IS!": Our Beats Solo Wireless replacement ear pads receive amazing reviews like that daily. Are you the next one?

✔️ SRONGER,BETTER,LONGER LASTING: We added stitching and heavy-duty glue on the inside of each ear pad. The durability of our cushions simply can't be matched.

✔️UNIQUE DESIGN MAXIMIZES COMFORT & SOUND: Our replacement ear pads are made from thick memory foam that's firmer (yet still ultra-comfy) than other brands.
Why did we design them like this?
To ensure they never flatten and also to retain sound isolation, so exterior noises don't interrupt you.

✔️WE ALWAYS GUARANTEE A WICKED PERFECT FIT: We don't cut corners or repurpose other ear pads, causing a weird, awkward fit. These pads are for Beats Solo Wireless 2 (Model B0534) & Beats Solo 3 Wireless (Model A1796). 

These ear pads are NOT for Beats Studio or Beats Solo WIRED.

✔️THE WICKED WAY: Need guidance during installation? Have an issue with your order? We take pride in being US based, so contact us on social or email anytime, we’ll reply in under 8 hours. You spent 300$ on your headphones, let our Beats Solo wireless ear cushions bring them back into Wickedly great condition.

✔️365 DAYS TO FALL IN LOVE: Did we mention we have a 365 day guarantee? Unsatisfied for any reason and we will replace or refund your order no questions asked.  Add this product to cart and let us show you why music is better when its Wicked.

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