Dekoni Audio - Earplugz Hearing Protection with Gemini Tips and Carrying Case


Dekoni is bringing you Earplugz by Dekoni Audio, a hearing protection system designed around out Gemini Bulletz for maximum comfort with excellent sound isolation.

With a near equal sound reduction of 15-20dB at all frequencies, you’ll find speech and other sounds to remain clear with only a reduction in level, as if you were turning down the volume.

Included are Dekoni’s Gemini series memory foam Bulletz, for a comfortable, form-fitting seal that makes long-term hearing protection a breeze.

One pair of each size (small, medium & large) is included, ensuring you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

Our Bulletz are washable as well with water and a small amount of dish soap, keeping your ears clean and your Bulletz fresh after each use.

To keep your Earplugz safe and travel-friendly, you’ll find a sleek black aluminum carrying case included in the packaging. Also included is a carabiner to easily attach to your belt or bag, to help keep your hands and pockets free.

Note that Bulletz are expected to last approximately 3-6 weeks depending on usage, so once the time comes to replace your Gemini tips, you can find what you need right here at Audio46!

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